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There are endless opportunities for growth and leadership at Chick-fil-A® Meyerland Plaza and 59 & Kirby


Executive Director

Executive Directors are responsible for the successful leadership and management of the store and strategic planning of the organization. You will need to be a high level thinker with strong problem solving abilities! Fully lead the Development Philosophy; Developing yourself, others and the store. Strong 6 Core Essential ratings; Communication, Commitment, Integrity, Initiative, Ability to Delegate and Problem Solving. Executive Directors participates in developing the vision and setting the direction of the store operations. Looks for opportunity for improvement as well as develop store policies and procedures to enhance operations or the development of the team. You will be expected to select leadership below as well as lead, coach and develop. You will utilize store financial and operational reports to make decisions in regards to sales, productivity and customer satisfaction. Lastly, you will uphold all aspects of the business to Chick-fil-A standards.

Senior Director

As a Senior Director, you will be considered a tenured Director with 5+ years experience in Director role. Senior Directors are expected to lead other Directors through their experience and knowledge of the business. They will demonstrate a high level of integrity and responsibility! Can be relied on to step into short term Executive Director position when needed. You will have proven through performance efficient and effective execution of the Director role. Will close and open the restaurant at least one time a week.


A Director can perform all Shift Manager responsibilities. They are responsible for the strategic and tactical management of a significant piece of the organization. Possesses all 6 Core Essentials; Communication, Commitment, Integrity, Initiative, Ability to Delegate and Problem Solving. You will be expected to meet the expectations outlined in their Director Job Description. Influences the store through their leadership of their Director responsibilities. They will selects and lead a team to assist in their role responsibilities. Directors will implements our Development Philosophy; Developing yourself, others and the store. You will need to use strategic thinking to solve problems! Lastly, Directors will leads the Shift Managers and Jr. Directors. Must be able to open and close the restaurant as needed.

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Shift Manager

Shift Managers are fully trained in manager responsibilities. You will be trusted to enforce brand standards and expectations throughout daily operations. Shift Managers will hold the team accountable for performing their roles and responsibilities. Must be available to open or close the store, execute the financial duties and handle all store operational issues. You will be expected to make in the moment decisions that impact the operations to ensure the store is running successfully! You must execute all requests from Directors and follow the store policies and procedures. Will be held accountable for leading and directing the team while Directors are not present.



Junior Director 

This is our entry level leadership role. Junior Directors will have mastered all Team Member and Certified Trainer responsibilities efficiently and successfully. It is required that you apply and complete the Leadership Development Program. You will need to possess the 3 out of the 6 Core Essentials characteristic traits to be a leader in our organization; Commitment, Communication, Initiative, Integrity, Ability to Delegate and Problem Solving. We want our Junior Directors to have a strong desire to learn and grow! They have the desire to lead others and put the store needs first. Junior Directors will report to our Shift Managers and Directors.

Certified Trainer

As a Certified Trainer, you will be given the opportunity to teach! Certified Trainers will consistently perform all Team Member roles and responsibilities efficiently and successfully. It is a requirement that they train all new team members on the 7 day new hire program. You will need to possess enthusiasm to teach others and understand the brand standards and expectations. Be able to communicate our goals and culture to new team members and have a desire to share your knowledge and experience. 

Team Member

Team Member is the first entry level position with us here at Chick-fil-A where you will learn all the basics! Team Members are expected to perform the required CORE 4 behaviors including, Eye Contact, Smile, Speak Enthusiastically and Stay Connected. You will learn and acquire skills to serve our guests within all positions of the store operations. These positions include responsibilities of Front Counter, Drive Thru, Dining Room, Kitchen, Catering and Special Events. Lastly, Team Members will follow all Chick-fil-A service procedures and recipes to create “REMARK”able guest experiences.

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